Unique Mother’s Day Gift 2015: Nixplay WiFi Digital Photo Frame Review

Mother’s Day 2015 is just around the corner (Sunday, May 10).  This year you can be the star of your mother or grandmother’s heart by purchasing her the most AMAZING gift, a Nixplay Cloud Digital Photo frame.  Your mom and grandmother literally need no technology expertise AT ALL! 

We purchased this frame for my mom, my dad, and my husband’s parents.  In fact, we love this product so much that my mom ended up getting one for our own home too!

So, Why Is the Nixplay Cloud Digital Photo Frame So Cool?

This frame allows you to upload photos to a “cloud” server via an app (Apple or Google Play) or their website, and you publish the photos you want your mom or grandmother to see directly to their frame.  As long as it’s plugged in, and its connected to WiFi, it works. 

The setup on this frame was super easy and I did it remotely with all of our parents.  Nixplay has step by step easy instructions.  It under ten minutes to set up each frame.  (The parents were really happy that this didn’t turn into another one of those epic “setup situations” that takes the whole day and various emails/passwords.  Your parents (or grandparents) literally just have to tell you what it says on the photo frame.  (If their WiFi is secure, they will need to input that password.)  

At a price point of $129.99 for the 12-inch unit, the Nixplay Cloud Digital Photo frame makes a very nice present for your loved one.  However, if that price is a little too steep, their is a slightly smaller 8-inch version for $99.99.  This is also one of those presents that the kids or grandkids can go in together on, because it’s that good of a present!  On the flip side, Nixplay also offers a giant Hi-res 18.5 frame for $199.99 for those of you really looking to WOW your mom or grandma this year.

With the Nixplay account, you create different albums and make them live on when you want too.  So, you can make days special by uploading photos for special occasions when you live far away.  (See the photo to the left.  I uploaded this to all of the frames for Valentine’s Day morning.  It was a nice little surprise from afar.  I also created albums of both of my boys for their birthdays.  The possibilities here are endless, and you bet they ill be getting a Mother’s Day note!)

If I didn’t say so before, the Nixplay interface is wicked easy to use.  It gives you all sorts of ways to customize the experience with each frame including, selecting certain albums for certain frames, adjusting the motion sensor (yes!  The Frame will go into a sleep mode when no one is in the room and will wake up when a person comes in…), as well as adjusting the transitions between photos.

Cons of Frame

Before I purchased the first frame I read some reviews that suggested their wasn’t enough “free” cloud storage for their photos.  I have not run into that problem and I have six different albums up their so far with 50 – 125 photos in each.  I’ve used 1% of my given 10 GB.  If you need storage for a ton of photos, its $1.99/month for 30 GB.  For how cool this frame is, this monthly fee is totally worth it.

That’s it, all in all, this is a great product and totally worth it! 
I hope you bless your mom or grandmother with this frame; you will not regret it!  Let me know if you have any questions that I have not answered about.  (My goal is to make every MOM smile on May 10!)  

Happy Mother’s Day to You ALL! 

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