Subscribe & Save Saved My Sanity; It Will Help You Too!

Tell me if this sounds familiar.  No sooner do I get all of the groceries put away than my husband tells me that he needs razors.  (“Ugh!  Are you kidding me,” I think.)  So, I have to remember to make a special stop at a Rite Aid this weekend, because there is NO way I am battling through Walmart again.  You get it, right?  Do you hate the random stops to RiteAid as much as I do?  It’s not that I have it out for the organization its just one more time lugging the kids out of the car, herding them away from the candy/toys, and then carrying them screaming out of a store.  Please, I have better things to do.

Truth be told, this kind of thing used to happen all the time in my house.  Even though we had a system to make sure we were getting the groceries we needed, we still missed things.  It was the things that hide in my house, the not so obvious stuff, that would get me each time.  And then I found a solution that has literally changed everything.

Instead of the frequent screams of, “I’m out of toilet paper,” we are in a much calmer place.  I signed us up for Subscribe and Save on Amazon and the necessities that seem to run out at just the wrong time are delivered right to my door!  I’m not kidding you, it’s perfect. 

So, Does This Save Money? 

Truthfully, I don’t know and I’m not going to crunch the numbers to find out.  The bottom line is that it saves time and my sanity, a couple of pennies this way or that way aren’t going to change my opinion on this.  Now, I don’t think this is an option for all of my groceries, because we eat too many perishable foods.  However, we’ve come up with top ten list for my household of the best items to buy through Subscribe and Save.  Here it is; I hope it helps you to save some time too! 

Is Amazon Prime Worth It?

The answer to the Amazon Prime question is, “Yes, it is worth it!”  When you compare frantic trips to the post office, gas prices, and the convenience of getting things delivered to your door in two days or less, it is easy to spend the $8.25 month it costs for the service. ($99/year divided by 12 months=$8.25 per month)

If you want to join Amazon Prime, I found this link for a free 30-day trial. (Let me know if you like it.)  Listen to Over a Million Songs – Start Free Trial Now


Top Ten Subscribe & Save Items To Buy from Amazon to Save Time

  1. ONE:  Toothbrushes (Once a Year at a Subscribe & Save rate of $5.68.) (I buy the kids toothbrushes separately.  My husband and I are covered with one of these and a couple of trips to the dentist each year.  We buy the Medium bristles.) ($0.47 a month on toothbrushes for my husband and I.)
  2. TWO:  Water Filters – Pur RF-3375 (Every 2 Months at a Subscribe & Save rate of $9.90.) ($4.95 per month on water filters.)
  3. THREE:  Toilet Paper – Scott 1000 (Every 3 Months at Subscribe & Save Rate of $18.78)  ($6.26 a month on toilet paper.)
  4. FOUR:  Paper Towels – Sparkle (Every 3 Months at a Subscribe & Save Rate of $24.69)  ($8.23 a month on paper towels.)
  5. FIVE:  Diapers – Huggies Size 5 (Once a Month) We no longer need an endless supply of diapers. but if we did, this would be on the list.  All diaper purchases are unique, so here’s an example. (Once a Month at a Subscribe & Save rate of $20.34.) ($20.34 per month on diapers.)
  6. SIX:  Shampoo & Conditioner – Pantene Color Preserve (Every 2 Months at a Subscribe & Save rate of $4.27.) ($2.31 a month on shampoo.)
  7. SEVEN:  Laundry Detergent – Tide Pods (Once a Month at a Subscribe & Save rate of $18.03.) ($18.03 a month on laundry detergent.)
  8. EIGHT:  Trash Bags – Glad Tall Kitchen Bags (Every 3 Months at a Subscribe & Save rate of $14.23.) ($4.74 a month on trash bags.)
  9. NINE:  Fiber Gummies – Little Critters Gummies (My little one eats two of these a day, and if I forget, he doesn’t go.  So, I don’t forget.  It is so much nicer to always have these around, than to worry as he nears the bottom of a bottle.) (Once a month at a Subscriber & Save rate of $7.59.) ($7.59 a month on fiber gummies.)
  10. TEN:  We order new Razors – Mach 3: 15 Count (Every 5 Months at a Subscribe & Save rate of $24.69 ). ($4.11 a month on razors.)

There you have it.  These are the specific items that we purchase through Subscribe & Save in my house.  Are you using Amazon to buy some of these items yet?  If so, which ones are you getting?  Are you getting others that I haven’t listed?  If not, why not?

Hopefully, this post will help you to regain some of your sanity too.  Life is too precious to waste it on unneeded trips to the store.  Now, I’m off to put a bunch of flowers on auto delivery for Valentine’s Day and my birthday to save my husband’s sanity. 🙂

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