Take the Time Challenge!

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You Really Can Do This, I Promise!

What's holding you back from chasing those dreams of yours?  Is it you?  Maybe you don't even realize it...
JOIN me and some other talented (and completely overwhelmed) woman for a 30-Day Challenge that may very well change YOUR life. 
Who is this Gretchen Lindell?

Hi there, I'm Gretchen Lindell!


I'm the author of the MammaWorks blog (which is being moved to MomLife Musings) and the founder of the MammaWorks school.  I will lead you through the journey to finding the time to make your dream possible  during the 30-DAY TAKE THE TIME (to be successful) CHALLENGE!


For over twelve years, I have taught Communication at the college and have consulted small businesses.  Over the years, I have coached countless students and professionals on how to be more confident, how to take chances, and how to solidify their brands.


Mamma, You Can Mean Business!

Currently, I'm in the process of developing classes for busy moms who want to create their own businesses, but don't know where to start.  My first class, "How to Create a Sales Presentations That Sells," will debut soon, BUT... I have to help you get there.


What Do You Mean, Get Me There?

Very often when I tell my #momfriends what I am up to, they tell me, "that's great, but... Gretchen, I don't have THAT kind of TIME, between my regular job, the kids, the family, the house...there's literally NO TIME LEFT FOR ME to pursue my dreams.



OMGoodness!  That's just NOT true!  You just need to know how to find the time. 


FREE SECRETS through the 30-Day Challenge

I'm going to GIVE you the secrets.  Literally, I am going to give YOU the secrets for FREE.  Why? 

  1. I want you to succeed, and THIS is an important first step!
  2. I want you to believe you can do it, because I know you can. 
  3. I really, really, really (trust me when I say really) want more moms and more women out in the business world.  I think we're all pretty great!  If you succeed, I get warm fuzzies!  What's better than warm fuzzies?

Moms are My People

Could you get these lessons elsewhere?  Umm, of course you could.  However, I am a mom too, so I get it.  I'm not going to overload you or give you unnecessary information.  I'm going to give you the tools you need to be confident and to get started sharing your message with the world.  (Did I mentioned that I'm doing this for FREE?)


Our next challenge starts Dec. 1, get your name on the list NOW!

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