I Taught My Preschooler Every $#%ing Word I Know! (Reader Discretion Advised)

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  I remember like it was yesterday.  A couple of months ago, I had, “one of those days,” and I taught my preschooler every swear word I know.  In the matter of minutes, my little guy met my inner Jersey girl.  Let me explain… #1 Holy Shit So, it was a Monday, of course.  Well, […]

What’s the Deal With the LuLaRoe?

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OK, call me crazy, but leggings? Seriously, ladies, aren’t these things for preteens? Honestly, this is becoming an epidemic. You’ve all gotten me extremely stressed out here. Ahhh! So, in an effort to try to bring calm to chaos, I’ve decided to do a little research for you and perhaps bring you some sanity. (Am […]