Want To Wear a Bikini Again? Me too, my reason will surprise you.

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Ugh, bikinis? Are you kidding me? We’re moms, not bikini-donning folks anymore, right?  We’re more civilized than that, and we want to teach our little ones good lessons about modesty, right?  OK, OK, let’s be frank here.  If you were ever a bikini wearer pre-baby, maybe you’re just not that interested in showing off your […]

Why Not You? How To Think BIG When It Comes to Your Career!

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  Yesterday, I ran into a close friend at the grocery store.  We spent a couple of minutes chatting about our kiddos and then both caught up on our current career situations.  She just earned herself more flexibility and more security to stay in her current position.  This is great, because she has been traveling […]