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It seems like everywhere you turn, someone is claiming that you are going to save money by buying something, right?  At the bottom of receipts, it says, “You saved $__ today!”  So where the heck is all that money that money?  Shouldn’t your savings account have millions (or, at least, thousands) of dollars in it by now?

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Real Savings

Well, one would hope, but, unfortunately, that is NOT how savings works.  You are receiving messages from every direction that you are saving, but when you spend money (on anything), you are doing just the opposite.  UGH!  Why does it all have to be so confusing?

Guess what?  There’s hope!  Here’s an easy, peasy way to save money that you don’t have to think about it at all.  It’s called Digit.  Digit is a company that helps you to save money effortlessly.  No more drawing up a budget, only to forget about it half way through the month.

How It Works

All you have to do is to sign up, connect your bank account, and Digit does the rest.  Using an algorithm (that’s super-smart, fancy math), Digit scans your purchase behaviors and makes withdrawals from your account when you won’t notice it.  It’s neat because they send you a text every time there is a withdrawal.  The amounts vary from about $5 to $50, depending on what the “program” thinks you can easily live without.  The withdrawals happen every 2 to 3 days.  If you need that money for an unexpected bill, just transfer it right back into your bank account. Bonus: you can do this with a simple text message.

It Really Works!

Before I, personally, signed up, I looked at other people’s reviews on Digit and they were all great.  Many people saved up enough money for a vacation or a new car!  Most experts, like Business Insider contributor, Libby Kane, agree that you should have six months worth of living expenses saved up in your emergency fund.  (Yup, if you were thinking three months, that was BEFORE you had kids!)

Six months worth of emergency savings, plus daily living expenses, plus all the things that kiddos need, plus an annual vacation (please! please! please), plus cars, plus future education costs, plus saving for retirement, etc., all adds up to an overwhelming amount of financials of which to keep track.

I love this program.  I love the app.  I even love the little text messages that they send me that let me know I’m a “Saver,” not a spender! 🙂  I only wish they had created this app when I was in my twenties.  (Of course, that was a pre-app era, back when we used to call them applications.  How archaic!)


Digit takes all of this craziness and makes it wicked easy, especially for busy moms.  How nice it is that one company out there gets how hard managing all of these things is.  Do yourself a favor (you can thank me next year when you are on a cruise ship in the Bahamas!):  Go to Digit, sign up for the program, connect your account, download the app, and put your savings on autopilot.  =======> Here’s my referral link: https://digit.co/r/MF6ah7yI3G?wn

No More Faking It

Then sit back, take a sip of your morning Joe and check off savings from your To-Do list.  🙂  Now, you can walk the Earth proudly knowing that you are getting “real” savings, not some marketing scam designed to make you spend more money.

Happy Monday, chicas!  Oh yeah, and Happy Savings!


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