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Why Not You? How To Think BIG When It Comes to Your Career!

Why Not You-


Yesterday, I ran into a close friend at the grocery store.  We spent a couple of minutes chatting about our kiddos and then both caught up on our current career situations.  She just earned herself more flexibility and more security to stay in her current position.  This is great, because she has been traveling almost two hours away for a year. Ugh, what a cost to her and her family!

To her news, I expressed relief and gratitude that I may get to see her more often.  I then shared that I am looking for an opportunity to serve in the stay-at-home mom role, while still providing some financial security to my family.  I mentioned that a few days ago I applied for an educational technologist position , but I wasn’t sure that I was going to get a chance to interview for it.  My rationale: it’s a national search, so…

Before I could finish my thought, my friend chimed in to say, “Why not you?”  I was speechless, and then she continued, “No, really, why not you?  Why won’t you get a call.”  Huh?  I didn’t know how to respond.  If you were in the same situation, would you know what to say?

It took me a few seconds to recover, and I accepted the challenge.  Rather than tell her why I was not the one for the job, I told her why I thought I was qualified.  I shared with her what I believed my strategic advantage was too.  We went on chatting about our families and the upcoming spring break, and then we parted ways with a promise that we would meet again later in the month.

I walked off totally dumbfounded by what had just happened.  I had cut myself short.  I was so confused by the whole thing that I walked out of the store with a can of soup and some trash bags (not the items I had planned to purchase, but I totally forgot my original intention!). When I got in the car, I sat there for a few moments and started to digest the conversation some more.  Why had I done that?  

Why me?  The motivational blogger, the teacher of strong communication skills, and the mother who sees only the good in the angels living under my roof, why would I tear myself down before I even got started?  This was definitely not the lesson that I had been teaching for so long; this was not me.

I am so glad that my friend pointed this out to me.  (Honestly, thank God for her.  When everywhere I turn women are cutting each other down, it is so nice to know that you can count on some people to bring wisdom to you at exactly the right moment.  Thank you, friend!)

So, what does any of this have to do with you?  

Well, it’s quite simple actually, I’m here to pay this advice forward.  When you want something, believe you can do it!  If you don’t believe in yourself, why should someone else give you the chance to try.   Awhile ago, another friend of mine gave me this advice, “Fake it till you make it.”  To some, this might seem like a disingenuous attitude to have.  It’s not true though, just the opposite.

Success doesn’t happen instantly, and it certainly doesn’t happen if you don’t plan for it and work for it.  

Today is the day you set your attitude for success.  Today is the day that you feel confident that you can accomplish anything you want to!  What are your career goals?  If it is your aspiration to work for Google, and you never submit an application, guess where you probably will never work…  The same holds true if you do submit an application.  When you submit your application, you have a shot at that job.  At that moment, know that you can get a call back.  If we don’t stand confidently on our own merits, someone else will.

And, that someone else will end up with the positions that WE were meant to have.  

Now, I obviously know that sometimes it is easier to say something than to actually do it.  It reminds me that we (all professionals) need to revisit the lessons we have learned, especially when it comes to how powerful mindset and self-talk can be in a person’s success.

As great-timing would have it, I went home, after that conversation at the supermarket,  and listened to a Sip and Om meditation (  The meditation instructor, Mary Meckley, is guiding her listeners through a “Confidence Quest” THIS week on her podcast!  Perhaps this is a journey you would also like to go on with me. 😉  Just download her podcast, and you are off and running!

One more thing, in case your inner dialogue is telling you differently:

You are smart enough, you deserve it, and you are capable of getting that position you are seeking.  

Have a job that you are thinking about applying for, but need a little more positive mojo before you hit that submit button?  Write about it in the comment below, and I will personally give you the pep talk you need to get out there!

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