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What’s the Deal With the LuLaRoe?

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OK, call me crazy, but leggings? Seriously, ladies, aren’t these things for preteens? Honestly, this is becoming an epidemic. You’ve all gotten me extremely stressed out here. Ahhh! So, in an effort to try to bring calm to chaos, I’ve decided to do a little research for you and perhaps bring you some sanity. (Am I the only one stressed out here? LOL!)

About two months ago, I started to see LuLaRoe ( notifications jam up my Facebook updates. Did this happen to you too? Since last year, I have been an active Younique seller, which apparently follows a similar marketing structure. Honestly, all of the posts and notifications got to be so much that I just stopped paying attention to them and seriously started to re-think my own strategy with Younique products.

UPDATE:  I’m no longer a presenter for Younique, I’ve moved on to building a consulting company.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t do both.  I still love Younique’s products, so much that I’d like you to check out my friend’s page,, if you are at all intrigued about them.  (You can also request to Join her FB group here to see exclusive offers; don’t worry, she’ll let you in.)  You can follow what I’m up to here and at my new online school (EEK!):  🙂

FYI:  Much like most blogs, this blog contains affiliate links and links to my own personal stores.  If you click on one of these links and purchase an item, I may receive nominal compensation.  I do not mention or promote products that aren’t well research and that I don’t believe in.  For more information, please visit my Privacy Policy & Disclaimer page. Thanks for reading! 

And then, LuLaRoe invaded my personal space.  You know, the real space outside of Facebook.  Holy, shnikes, Batman!  These leggings were (and very much are EVERYWHERE).  I went to school and moms were wearing them to drop off/pick up kids; I went to church and moms & daughters were wearing funky colors; and I went to the grocery store and moms were kicking it down the aisles.  (After re-reading that last sentence, I realized that I don’t get out much and, perhaps, need to get a life! LOL!)

Anyway, the point is, LuLaRoe had taken over my town.  What the heck was going on here anyway?  So, last night, like a good little data girl, I did some research.  I found out that this LuLaRoe thing has taken over more than just my little town; women all over the states are going Cra-Cra for these leggings.  (I even saw some men wearing them!) So why on earth is this happening?

Here’s What I Found Out

A good friend of mine, Heather Chopra, has been selling these crack-pants for awhile now.  She tells me that one of the downfalls of many MLM (multi-level-marketing) companies has been that you can only support one friend’s business (or at least, to the customer, it kinda feels that way) at a time.  With LuLaRoe, all of the presenters are ordering clothing styles, but they don’t know what prints they will get.  So, each time a shipment comes in there is an excitement that’s been created.  Customers can (and do!) join multiple groups to find the specific prints they are want to wear.

Here’s the thing that makes it all so alluring, LuLaRoe only creates 1,000 pieces out of each fabric print chosen.   I’ve seen piano keys, kaleidoscopes, lions, stars, and more in terms of patterns.  Guess what? All these prints, in limited availability, mean that when you purchase an item, there is a very good chance you won’t be wearing the same leggings as your neighbor any time soon.  For a small town, that is a BIG deal!

In my neck of the woods, us moms have very little opportunity to differentiate ourselves.  Locally, we have an Old Navy, a Bonton, and then some other old lady stores to chose from.  In the past, if we wanted to look a little more stylish, we’d have to shop online.

However, shopping online can sometimes be a bummer, right?  Isn’t one of the points of shopping, getting the opportunity to socialize a bit, to ask for other’s opinions, and to actually feel the clothing.  I don’t know about you, but if I can’t touch something first, I don’t want to buy it.  I hate the hassle of getting it home, trying it on, and shipping it back.  I have to touch the fabric, before I’ll buy it.  In order to get their products in your hands, LuLaRoe encourages its presenters to organize pop-up boutique.  (Think 31 or Pampered Chef party here, but instead of bags and food products, these ladies are selling cute clothes.)  Most of the time, these pop-up boutiques are open to anyone and everyone who want to come.  (Be forewarned, these can get a little nutty, but also a ton of fun.)  BTW, this is the BEST laundry detergent for these bad boys, if you have a high efficiency washer.   Try this one, if you don’t. (Both formulas come high recommended by many LuLaRoe friends.)

I did a ton of research on these boutiques, and women most often comment about the leggings.  They say they feel like, “Butter.”  (Not in a greasy, gross way, but in a warm, snuggly-soft way!)  I cannot find a bad review anywhere.  I have looked high and low.  I’ve chatted with as many people, as I can find, and people love this clothing.  Did I mention that my friend, Heather, is a former top seller of children’s clothes on Etsy that she designed herself!?!  If I’m going to someone for style advice, I’m going to her.

You know what?  I don’t feel as stressed out about this clothing any more.  After going through all this research, I guess I, too, have been bitten by the crazy LuLaRoe bug!  I wonder what print I’ll get my hands on…  Has anyone seen one with computers yet?

If the LuLaRoe leggings are a little too expensive or just not your style, check out LMB Leggings on Amazon.  These leggings are stylish and totally affordable (did someone say less than $10!?!)

All in on LuLaRoe?  ==>  Check some out here in Heather’s group, just ask to join and she’ll add you in.  If you love, hate, or are somewhere in between with LuLaRoe, please leave a comment below.  If you have a group and would like to share it, please hook my girls up by posting your link in the comment section below too.

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6 thoughts on “What’s the Deal With the LuLaRoe?

  1. Great article! I learned everything I needed to know in 3 minutes or less! Brilliant! Well, I do still have one question and that is the price point. Thanks!

  2. Your article was spot on! Thanks for the info. What I have a hard time understanding is if LLR is so great, why are so many people trying to sell them off on the FB swap sites. I am a plus size women and leggings are just not my thing. Sure is funny with people unable to afford healthcare; they sure have money for this stuff. Stop the crazy madness people!

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