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How Do I Make Money Blogging? Step One. #ThursdayTip

The Million Dollar Question

How I Make Money Blogging Post GraphicThere it is, folks!  The million dollar question.  Or, perhaps, it’s a tiny bit less than that.  LOL!

For nearly ten years, I have been working in online marketing.  Every time I tell someone that I write a blog, they ask me how I make money.  My answer is always, “Well, it’s complicated,” because it is.  Ask any internet marketer and he or she will tell you that this business (like all businesses) takes time to succeed.  No one wants to hear that answer.  (In fact, to be honest, neither do I.)

When people need to make money, they want it to happen quickly.  Just last week, I had a person buy one of my Fiverr gigs and then tell me to draw him up a quick step-by-step plan to make a ton of money online.  Huh?  I could just go to Fiverr and pay someone five bucks to write me a step-by-step plan to make hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Shit!  Why didn’t I think of that?!?

So, you might be thinking…do I make any money doing this?  The answer is: Yes!  Do I make hundred of thousands of dollars doing this?  No, not yet.  Remember what I told you before?  This is just like any other business, it takes time to make real money online.  You have to build relationships first.

Are you thinking about getting into online marketing?

Well, you must be thinking about it, if you are still reading this post.  So, guess what, I’m going to help you.  I’m going to lay it all out on the line here in this blog every Thursday.  It’s not quick, but it will be honest and complete.

Here’s your first step (and this one’s a doozy) you have to come up with your niche.  Online marketing is all about getting as specific as possible.  Here’s my niche for this website:  working moms.  LOL!  You could’ve guessed it, huh?

This is a pretty broad niche, but this is good for me.  I’m interested in a ton of different things, so this doesn’t limit the amount of subjects I get to write about.  Maybe you like to cook, or to train in cross fit, or you know how to make those really cool braids girls are wearing now, maybe you love video games, or perhaps you are a fan of all natural cleaning.  Whatever niche you choose, make sure that you love it.  If you don’t love it, you’ll lose interest in it very quickly and all the time you invested will be for nothing.

Resources for Finding Your Niche

Once you think of an idea, do a little research.  There is plenty of information out there on niches.  More specifically, how popular (or profitable) is your potential niche?

Jeff Lenney compiled a list of the most profitable niches for 2016.  Here is that list.  Now, before you choose one of these ideas, just remember that this is a jumping point.  Just because your idea isn’t on the list, doesn’t mean that you don’t have a great idea.  Jeff doesn’t know what you are thinking about, you know?  How does he know if you have an idea that’s going to change things for 2016?  Are LuLaRoe, Younique, and dōTERRA on his list?  Nope!  Do you know people who are making money selling those products?  Hahaha!  Of course, we ALL do!  (BTW, if you are in need of some new lashes, don’t hesitate to visit my store.)  🙂

That being said, maybe you’d love to make money by helping people lose weight.  (Weight loss is ALWAYS on the top of the list for the most profitable niches.  Golly, I wonder why?  Hahaha!)   This means that this market is full of people competing for the same customer.  This is good and bad.  Perhaps you could cut into this market, because you have something new to say.  This would be OK.  Think about it like TV Shows.  Just because I watch The Kardashians, doesn’t mean I won’t watch the Real Housewives.  Since I watch the Kardashians, I’m more likely to watch the Real Housewives.  Or think of it like magazines, since I read Real Simple magazine, it’s likely that I’d pick up a Rachel Ray or Martha Stewart magazine.  People will watch more than just one show or pick up more than one magazine.  It’s the same thing with online media, people digest content from all over the place.  They go to multiple websites to research topics and they buy from the “site” where they feel most comfortable.  So, could you sell weight loss supplements?  Yes.  Would I advise it for beginners?  No, not unless you are part of a MLM company (more on them later…).

Think deeply about your niche.  There is something that you are so good at, that people always come to you to do it, or to solve it, or to make it.  You oblige, because you love to do it.

Next Steps

Spend a good amount of time thinking about your niche.  You want to make sure it is right for you.  Ask your friends, your family, and me!  I’m happy to give you feedback, just connect with me or write a comment below.  🙂  Next week, I will give you the next step in this process.  To make sure you get the next step, sign up for my updates or follow me on Facebook at

If you are still with me at the end, you will have yourself a bonafide business!  Plus, you will probably be making a bit of extra income.  🙂  Cheers!

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